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## What is this? The Fake News Detector allows you to detect and flag **Fake News**, **Click Baits** and **Extremely Biased** news, thanks to our robot, [Robinho](https://github.com/fake-news-detector/fake-news-detector/tree/master/robinho). There are several ways to use the Fake News Detector: - Install the extension for [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fake-news-detector/alomdfnfpbaagehmdokilpbjcjhacabk) or [Firefox](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fakenews-detector/), this checks the news directly from your Twitter and Facebook feeds - Talk directly with Robinho [on Telegram](https://t.me/RobinhoFakeBot) - Copy and paste the link or text on the field above to check ## How it works? After flagging a newstory, other people that use the Fake News Detector will be able to see your flagging, will pay more attention to it and may also flag. The data is then saved on a database and read by Robinho. Robinho reads the information given by us humans and learn with time to automatically flag news as Fake News, Click Bait, etc, based on its text. By doing that, even fresh news that no one saw may be quickly flagged. The extension then show on your facebook the opinion from other people and from the robot:Extension showing that news was rated as clickbait on FacebookThe more you flag the news, more you contribute to building a database to better teach Robinho, which is still in very early development, look, he is still a baby robot:Picture of RobinhoCredits toDrew Tetzfor the picture
Credits to@laurapaschoalfor the name "Robinho"## Motivation In 2016, during United States election, a lot of fake news websites were created, and shared through social media, specially Facebook. They were so much, that Fake News hadmore clicks than the real ones.One of the most iconic cases were from a citzen from Macedonia who hadover 100 fake news websites, and earned thousands of dollars with advertising. Most of those websites were pro-Trump, why? Was the macedonian a true Trump defender? Not necessarily! But he noticed that Trump voters were more likely to believe and propagate Fake News. Now, in 2018, we will have elections in Brazil, and there are many pages out there that do not bother to check the sources and can take advantage (some already are) of the same strategy that benefited Donald Trump. In addition, we also have lots of extremely biased posts from all sides and the annoying click-baits. The Fake News Detector is a small initiative to try to make some difference in the fight against this problem, joining people's goodwill (Crowdsourcing) with technology (Machine Learning) ## How to contribute Just by downloading the extension and flagging the news you will already be helping a lot! Both other users and in the development of Robinho. But if you are a programmer or data scientist, the Fake News Detector is an open source project that needs a lot of your help! All repositories are available at: [https://github.com/fake-news-detector](https://github.com/fake-news-detector). The technologies are also very exciting: we use Elm with WebExtensions for the extension, Rust for the API and Python for Machine Learning. Not an expert? Not a problem, after all the goal of the project is precisely to learn these technologies while helping the world. If you want to help, take a look at our [ROADMAP](https://github.com/fake-news-detector/fake-news-detector/blob/master/site/ROADMAP.md) to understand where the project is going, also check out the [issues on github](https://github.com/fake-news-detector). If you are interested but have questions about how you can help, send me a tweet, [@_rchaves_](https://twitter.com/_rchaves_). And follow our profile on twitter for news about Fake News and updates about the project: [@fndetector](https://twitter.com/fndetector).
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